Support for women artisans

ADCAM places women as the protagonist of the family unit, through enhancing their cultural learning about Masais crafts.

It is an exclusive practice of the tribe, which allows them to preserve their roots,while achieving autonomous incomes that allow them to be the livelihood of their homes.
The wealth generated by women’s work reverts throughout the community, as well as making a positive impact at the gender level.

Since 2010 a cooperative has been organized with more than 1000 artisan women distributed throughout the territory of Maasai Mara (KENYA) and Tanzania, which we have trained and accompanied to produce handicrafts with their traditional accounts, from their homes, after agreement with companies, managing to establish marketing routes that allow them to earn income and improve their living conditions , those of their families and those of the whole community.

Thanks to the economic momentum generated by the ADCAM artisan cooperative and the income that women earn, many other initiatives have emerged spontaneously by women entrepreneurs,who have used the income to boost their own handicraft businesses in local markets.

Another fundamental element for us in helping Maasai women in their professional and economic developmentcomes from the hand of self-employment and microcredit.

Maasai Collections
The most remarkable achievement in this regard comes through the agreement, still in force, that we started in 2010 with the footwear company GRUPO PIKOLINOS, for the elaboration by women, of ethnic motifs on skin that are then part of the making of an annual collection of maasai sandals, which they market worldwide


Preventive health with the community


Primary school and master’s school for Masais children