Sport experience
Live a unique sports experience in the world. A race of 21,097 km.
in the Masai Mara savannah surrounded by a spectacular
wild and natural environment. This experience allows you to live with
local, national and international runners, who want to enjoy this
international sport so fashionable, surrounded by an impressive landscape.
What is the ADCAM Media Marathon-Maasai Mara?
5 days/4 nights
In 2015 ADCAM launched a very special initiative, inspired by
one of the most popular sports activities internationally.
It is a 21. 097 km race in the middle of the Maasai Mara savannah
(Kenya), in an impressive landscape environment and with with the proximity of
wild animals.

The safety of the runners is guaranteed thanks to the rangers in the
Lemek conservation area, who control and care for all
the participants to have no risk.

The start and arrival are located at the ADCAM Mara Vision School facilities,
giving the school children the opportunity to participate too,
organizing the podium for the winners and the celebration with all the
community at the end of the race.

This unique event allows coexistence between local, national runners
who want to enjoy the sport in a special environment.
Anyone interested can register and make a march of
your dreams.

What does the trip consist of?
We propose a one week trip, with a stay of 5 days / 4
in Maasai Mara, in ADCAM Mara Vision Camp that includes the following
activities and services:
  • Participation in the ADCAM Media Marathon.
  • Accommodation and full maintenance at ADCAM Mara Vision Camp.
  • Land transport in 4-4 Nairobi-Mara-Nairobi.
  • Know the ADCAM project in Kenya, the children’s and primary school, and the artisan office with the explanation by its protagonists.
  • Visit the manyatta (masai village) to learn more about the way of life and culture of the community.
  • Perform 2/3 safaris to learn about the fauna and flora of Maasai Mara.
  • Walking safari to watch the sunset.

SPORT Solidarity Experience

From 1480 euros per person.
We customize any experience
Contact us and we will inform you of everything.

This mindful trip safari to Masai Mara with ADCAM has been forever etched in my memory but above all, in my heart. A different and unique experience in a privileged place and with a group of wonderful people who exceeded all the expectations that I had! A trip that should be obligatory to feel that, in the savannah of the masais, it takes very little to be happy. Thankful to everyone who made it possible.

Graciela Gómez, Don Benito-Badajoz)

This trip with the Masai has been one of the best experiences of my life. And both the people I met as well as the landscapes will be etched in me throughout my life. This state of deep connection with nature, with others and with myself has been unforgettable and has changed me forever.

Asma Ahchouch, Alicante

One of the most impressive experiences of my life. The mixture between wilder nature and self-contact was brutal. Get to know Africa in the most authentic way possible. 'll.

Javier Jimenez, Alicante

I travelled to Kenya in 2018 to Maasai Mara It has far exceeded what I expected!! Phew!! How many emotions!!! Thanks to ADCAM, Rosa Escandell, William Kikanae and Carlos Mateo for this unforgettable experience with wonderful people. 'll!!.

Maria José García, Alicante

A deeply restorative and very human experience. A deeply joyful experience

Esperanza Navarro, Elche

You come with expectations, but it's so much more than anything you can imagine. There is light, there is love surrounding all activity that is done. No words. The journey on a human level is impressive. I'm going to be loaded with a lot of good things. Indescribable

Iciar Santa Olalla, Madrid

A magical experience. Mindfulness and yoga classes have transported me and helped me heal. I leave with a lot of peace and very grateful

Esther Castellano, Mallorca

A perfect fusion of self-encounter and encounter with nature. Eternally grateful

Nuria Castaño, Madrid

Testimony Ignacio Villanueva, ADCAM experiences.

Babu testimony, ADCAM experiences.

Testimony Teresa, ADCAM experiences.