Soul experience
We propose a change of life, a journey of personal growth, a reconnection with our innermost self and with nature. This is a very special experience, Maasai Mara, a conscious adventure. A journey that brings together 3 unique ingredients:
Firstly, the possibility of living with the Masai community, a hospitable tribe, friendly and proud of their culture and their surroundings, which will make us feel very comfortable at all times. In our Camp, the fire is lit at dusk, around which we live magical moments thanks to the dances and stories that the Masai warriors like to share.
Secondly, a privileged environment: the wild, the Maasai Mara mythical nature, where we carry out safaris to close experience nature in its most original state, along with our experienced Masai guides, open to what African fauna wants to give us in every moment: elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, hippos.
Body and soul
Thirdly, the yoga practice, meditation and mindfulness, which gives us the possibility to calm our minds, release tensions and inhabit our body more fully, to reconnect with our interior and, from there, recover a deeper connection with nature.

Always respecting our own body and adapting the practice to our personal needs and circumstances, we carry out simple exercises that facilitate greater body awareness as a starting point for the mind to rest in the body: mindfulness practices and guided meditations, yoga series and conscious movements … and whatever arises from conscious contact with the here and now. Growing availability and presence and thus generating serenity seeds and consciousness that we will take back home to sow in our day by day.

What does the trip consist of and where do we stay?
9 days/7 nights


We stay at ADCAM Mara Vision Camp, our solidarity Eco Lodge linked to the project of Comprehensive Support for the Masai community.

A place where you can relax, live with the Masai community and enjoy a privileged natural environment and where we are infected with love, respect and sensitivity for the Masai people.

Because connecting consciously with the Maasai community and with the wild nature of the Maasai Mara is to recover our most essential being, merge back into nature, allow a helix of our DNA to smile at feeling at home.

What does the trip consist of?
We limit the number of participants to 14 people, so that we can be close to you and listen to you in whatever you need, since our availability during the trip is permanent.
Elena García or Carlos Mateo will join us on this adventure. Elena is a psychologist, a body psychotherapist and a yoga teacher. Carlos is a sociologist, yoga and meditation teacher and mindfulness instructor trainer.
Trip program

Day 1 - International Flight

The international flight departs from Madrid on the fisrt day in the afternoon / evening and arrives in Nairobi the next morning.

Day - Arrival in Nairobi and transfer to the Maasai Mara

From Nairobi airport we will travel in our private transport to our final destination: the ADCAM Mara Vision Camp, located in the North of the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem (approximate journey duration: 6 hours).

After settling in our tents, in the afternoon we carry out a gentle yoga and meditation session, so that our minds and bodies land and we can begin to fully inhabit the privileged surrounding environment.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner by our experienced Masai chef who has been trained by professionals to ensure a balanced diet with local products. And after dinner we say goodbye to the day by gathering around the bonfire.

Day 3 - Sharing with the Masai community

We start the day with a good yoga and meditation session to revitalize the body and generate a state of availability and body and mind openness in our adventure in Kenya.

After a rich breakfast, we have the privilege of attending a unique event that you can hardly find on any other organized trip to Kenya: a Maasai mass, an authentic immersion in the culture of this ancient people that will surely not leave you indifferent, with a leading role for indigenous songs and dances. A moment of authentic communion with the Masai people.

And in the afternoon, we propose a relaxation and awareness afternoon. After a relaxation and mindfulness session, you will have time to take the rest of the afternoon on your own, reading or walking, watching the sunset and enjoying the surroundings, or sharing around a cup of tea or coffee.

Day 4 - Safari at sunrise and sunset

We start the day with a sunrise safari to contemplate the African awakening, fauna bathed in sunlight.

We return to the Camp for breakfast and allow this first contact with nature to rest.

In the middle of the morning, we carry out a yoga and meditation session *, to deepen the practice and generate that growing state of availability and harmony with the environment.

After lunch, in the afternoon we make another safari to find out what the wild nature in the Marahas prepared for us.

Dinner and bonfire.

*Regarding yoga and meditation practices, although they are initially planned at specific times of the day, it is possible to carry out additional practices at other times of the day at the group request, flowing with each moment need. All the practices and activities proposed are free attendance.

Day 5 - Visit to the school and camp in the Mara River

This day is, without doubt, one of the days marked in red on the calendar of our adventure in Kenya. After awakening mind and body stretching and breathing with full awareness and giving us a rich and nutritious breakfast, we dedicated the morning to continue delving into the practice of body awareness, meditation and mindfulness, to be able to live more fully in the here and in the now, thus being a little more aware of the adventure we are experiencing. Afterwards, we will be very lucky to visit the school that ADCAM manages and where more than 200 Masai boys and girls study. An experience that surely will not leave us indifferent.

Lunch in the camp.

And in the afternoon, one of the stellar moments of this trip: we will make a walking safari until we will reach the Mara River banks, where we will camp in a safe environment to live a unique experience of communion with the sacred nature of the Maasai Mara.

Dinner and bonfire in the camp on the banks of the Mara River.

Day 6 - Meditation at Mara River / Visit the manyatta (Masai village)

We start the day by awakening the body and meditating in that privileged and sacred place such as the Mara River.

We continue the morning with a safari on our way back to the Camp, where we will have lunch. But before arriving at the Camp, and to continue with that immersion in the local culture, we will visit the Manyatta, the town where the Masai live and where, among other things, the women set up a flea market with their crafts.

In the afternoon, we propose another relaxation and mindfulness session, to energize the body, to celebrate life, to breathe and feel fuller and connect with nature, with our most essential being.

Dinner and bonfire in the camp.

Day 7 - Safari at sunrise / Contemplate Sunset on the Savannah

We will start the day with a new safari at sunrise, to meet again with what the wild nature of the Maasai Mara wants to give us.

We will return to the Camp to enjoy a rich and well-deserved breakfast. And at midmorning, a new yoga and meditation session to continue deepening on that way of more fully inhabiting our body and relaxing the mind.

Lunch in the camp.

In the afternoon, another of the most significant moments of this adventure: a safari and a short walk through the savanna (Walking Safari), in a safe environment and aside the Masai warriors, to end up watching the sunset in the middle of the savannah.

Dinner and bonfire in the camp.

Day 8 - Farewell from the camp and return to Nairobi

We begin our last day at the Maasai Mara with a small meditation practice to close the sessions that we have carried out throughout the week, thinking about what has been experienced and specifying some practices that we can take to our day-to-day life back to home.

After breakfast, it is time to pack and say goodbye to the Masai community that has welcomed us these days.

Transfer by private transport to Nairobi.

In the afternoon, international flight back home.

SOUL solidarity experience

Price per person from 1,760 euros


100% of the benefits obtained from this trip will go to cover the costs of the ADCAM school in Kenya.

We customize any experience
Contact us and we will inform you of everything.

This mindful safari trip to the Maasai Mara with ADCAM has been forever etched in my memory but above all, in my heart. A different and unique experience in a privileged place and with a group of wonderful people who exceeded all the expectations that I had! A trip that should be obligatory to feel that, in the savannah of the masais, it takes very little to be happy. Thankful to everyone who made it possible.

Graciela Gómez, Don Benito-Badajoz)

This trip with the Masai has been one of the best experiences of my life. And both the people I met as well as the landscapes will be etched in me throughout my life. This state of deep connection with nature, with others and with myself has been unforgettable and has changed me forever.

Asma Ahchouch, Alicante

One of the most impressive experiences of my life. The mixture between wilder nature and self-contact was brutal. Get to know Africa in the most authentic way possible. 'll.

Javier Jimenez, Alicante

I travelled to Kenya in 2018 to Maasai Mara It has far exceeded what I expected!! Phew!! How many emotions!!! Thanks to ADCAM, Rosa Escandell, William Kikanae and Carlos Mateo for this unforgettable experience with wonderful people. 'll!!.

Maria José García, Alicante

I travelled to Kenya in 2018 to Maasai Mara It has far exceeded what I expected!! Phew!! How many emotions!!! Thanks to ADCAM, Rosa Escandell, William Kikanae and Carlos Mateo for this unforgettable experience with wonderful people. 'll!!.

Maria José García, Alicante

A deeply restorative and very human experience. A deeply joyful experience

Esperanza Navarro, Elche

You come with expectations, but it's so much more than anything you can imagine. There is light, there is love surrounding all activity that is done. No words. The journey on a human level is impressive. I'm going to be loaded with a lot of good things. Indescribable

Iciar Santa Olalla, Madrid

A magical experience. Mindfulness and yoga classes have transported me and helped me heal. I leave with a lot of peace and very grateful

Esther Castellano, Mallorca

A perfect fusion of self-encounter and encounter with nature. Eternally grateful

Nuria Castaño, Madrid

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