ADCAM Mara Vision Camp is a tourist accommodation located in the Maasai Mara Conservation Area.

Once there we discovered a new way of tourism in a privileged place for its wild flora and fauna. We can enjoy the African savannah with the help of authentic Masai warriors. A place where we will relax, live with the Masai community and enjoy nature in a unique environment. It is a unique opportunity to know how they live and, at the same time, to help this Community, since the benefits obtained from the Camp are aimed to the school and Project sustainability.
Our Lodge is located in the middle of a grove, creating a climate of intimacy and comfort for our guests. In addition, it offers all the comforts, services and activities needed to make our guests feel well cared for, with the incentive of being located next to the school and the Masai manyatta, offering a unique experience of interaction with the community.
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24-hour surveillance is ensured by the Masai warriors and at dusk the fire is lit, around which our clients will live magical moments accompanied by our Masai warriors, who will share stories and dances with all of us.
Our eco Lodge has 9 typical local tents with a total capacity for 18 people, fully equipped with all the facilities. Each of the tents has a maximum capacity of two people, with double or single bed. It has a private toilet and a sink with hot water, cabinets, bedding and bath towels. The shower is located outside to live the experience of having a shower contemplating the nature and listening to the birds singing. In the room there are bottles of water for the customers and a table with two chairs on the porch.

There is a special tent, a luxury tent reserved for couples, Premium package customers or anyone who wants to stay there. This exclusive tent has a private space with its own fire, spectacular views and it enjoys superior quality, for example, wooden floors. In this tent, visitors can eat in their private spaces and, with their own bonfire. They can enjoy the stars and the typical sounds of the savanna at night, creating unforgettable nights.

The facilities also have a bar and rest area, souvenir shop and public bathroom.

24h service and surveillance, and the fire is lit at dusk around which magical moments are lived thanks to its starry sky and the dances and stories that Masai warriors like to share.


Our Mara Vision Camp Eco Lodge is the only one in the entire Maasai Mara, managed 100% by Maasai, which makes it a unique and very special experience. You can cross the savanna without problem and without the restrictions that other Camps complexes may have.

Masai warriors introduce visitors to their culture, their respect for nature and their lifestyle. In addition, the training that our Camp offers to the Maasai is a different job opportunity from the one they had to until now. Before, they only dedicated themselves to livestock, thus achieving progress in their economic and cultural means.
The safaris are fully designed, created and guided by the Masai leader William Kikanae Ole Pere, a Masai guide in the Lemek Conservation Area who has worked closely with Jonathan Scott for years. Renowned wildlife photographer at National Geographic and documentary filmmaker specialized in African wildlife.

Jonathan Scott shows in his documentaries our project and the Masai culture on Netflix The light of the stories – Season two – Episode 1 and Episode 2 Sacred Nature.


Both our Camp and the school are managed with renewable energy, since we have a Solar System installed. One of the main objectives of rural electrification programs in developing countries is to stimulate their own rural development, by supplying electricity in rural areas.

As we have lighting and hot water from solar energy our project is sustainable. For ADCAM this achievement is very important, as a sustainability project has been designed always considering its environmental aspects and adaptation. This last value is fundamental in an environment of special protection, since the conservation perimeter belongs to the Serengueti-Mara Natural Park, with national and international character.
Another important point in our project is the extreme care that we take in not generating waste. The Maasai do not generate waste and we ensure that the customers who come to our Camp will not generate it either.

The community empowerment and the sustainability of the actions carried out is part of the way that ADCAM has to understand cooperation.


We offer a very special trip where you can feel the Masai culture first-hand through different activities with which you will experience their hospitality, nature, sensitivity and project, unique in the world.

100% of the benefits of these experiences are aimed to cover the cost of the different ADCAM projects in the Maasai Mara.


During your stay you will enjoy the following common activities and you can, additionally, complete your trip with optional activities. All of them are unique, you can adjust your stay to taste.
Common activities
  • Guided safaris by the Masai warriors to discover the wild fauna.
  • Visit to the Manyatta, a circular Masai town of mud made houses where women sell their handicrafts.
  • Visit to the school and the women artisan cooperative project.
  • Picnic in the middle of the savannah enjoying the sunset.
  • Visit to the local Aitong market.
  • Masai dance night around the fire.
  • Walk along the Mara River, learning about the animals and medicinal plants of the area aside the Maasai.
Optional activities
  • Camping overnight in the savannah and breakfast on the Mara river banks watching hippos and crocodiles.
  • Lunch in the middle of the savannah surrounded by nature.
  • Visit the rhinos.
  • Visit to the National Reserve to see the wildebeest migration (From July to September)
  • Attendance at Masai Mass (on Sundays).
All these activities are always carried out in the company of the Masai warriors, who introduce our visitors to their culture and allow a genuine coexistence with the local population difficult to obtain in other accommodations.

Dealing with the Masai community, being a Camp integrated into a development project, is close and warm. You can directly enjoy their hospitality and authentic human exchange with this tribe, from which we have much to learn.

Themed experiences

We have created for you incredible experiences with different themes, but also, your experience is fully customizable, so you can design as you want, which we know will be one of the best trips of your life.

With each of them you can enjoy unique corners of the planet where you can write your own adventure, knowing also that in any of them you will fill your senses, living a solidarity tourism from the heart, that gives smiles.

We offer a dream trip, an experience that perfectly combines nature and sea. A luxurious experience that combines a 5-day stay in our Mara Vision Camp and a 3-day stay in Lamu, an island surrounded by mangroves.

On this trip you will discover a new way of tourism, since our Camp is linked to the project of Comprehensive Support for the Masai community.

Live a unique sports experience in the world. ADCAM Media Marathon-Maasai Mara is a race of 21.097 km in the Maasai Mara savanna surrounded by a spectacular wild and natural environment. This experience allows you to coexist with local and international runners, with the Masai, with school children and with animals. This experience is aimed at all those who love this current sport, surrounded by an impressive landscape.
To consciously connect with the Masai community and the wild nature of the Maasai Mara is recovering our most essential being and re-blending with nature. The yoga practice, meditation and mindfulness will give us the possibility to calm our mind and inhabit our body to reconnect with our inner self. Live the experience of your life in a healing and privileged environment.
It is about living a shared experience with the whole family. A unique and enriching experience for children, since there are many benefits that this exchange of cultures brings to the educational level. siting school and spending time with Masai children, visiting livestock and living the adventure of a safari guided by Masai warriors are activities and adventures that will not leave any member of the family indifferent.
Experiences specially designed for couples. Live and celebrate your love in a unique and exclusive environment with all kinds of details. An unforgettable experience in a superior quality Lodge with private space and spectacular views, where in addition to enjoying the Masai culture, activities and nature, you can taste the delicacies of our chef in privacy, merged with the African savannah. Also, we can organize and personalize your Masai wedding.
A vacation package designed for business trips, friends, and groups in general who wish to enjoy this unique Masai experience, combining adventure, safaris and pure nature with solidarity and volunteering. We advise, adapt and personalize your trip to the needs of your group. In addition, we have a discount for groups of more than 8 people.
A tourist experience that will change your life forever
The Environment
Maasai Mara, and 8 Mara Lemek conservation areas

ADCAM Mara Vision Camp is a place where you can relax, interact with the Masai community and enjoy nature in a unique environment.

Maasai Marais a national nature reserve located in South-Western Kenya, in Narok County. It is part of the Serengeti region and it is actually a continuation of the Serengeti National Park. It is called that because the Masai tribe inhabits this area and because of the Mara River that crosses it. It is famous for its exceptional wildlife.

Our Camp offers UNIQUE SAFARIS due to the fact that they are managed by the Masai themselves, having access and being ABLE to EXPLORE areas that others do not reach.
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The Project is located in the southern part of Kenya near the border with Tanzania, in the Lemek Conservation Area, peripheral to the Maasai Mara Natural Park, 10 km from the town of Aitong, Narok South District. The Lemek Conservation Area, where we are located, is together with Mara North, one of the largest of the eight conservation areas and the only one 100% managed by Masai. National Parks tend to prohibit off-road driving as well as night travel. Walking safaris are also restricted.

Direct contact with the Maasai Mara wildlife is a unique experience for all who visit this privileged corner of the world, where everything revolves around respect for the animals that live in freedom and the environment preservation.

Animals live in the wild and can be seen in their natural habitat. More than 95 species of mammals and 550 of birds, together with the spaciousness of a space where the view is lost on the horizon, make our safaris and activities into something unforgettable all led by the Masai leader William Ole Pere Kikanae.