Preventive health with the community

Preventive actions to counteract the main health problems facing the Masai community

Problems such as malaria, respiratoryproblems, parasites, malnutrition,etc. Our project addresses all these issues for improved health.
These are some of the main actions taken by ADCAM to help prevent health in the Masai community.

The construction of a well, for easy access to drinking water, the installation of mosquito nets, deworming campaigns and food supplements for students, medical days, dispensing of medicines and actions to support the nearest medical dispensary. Another key aspect is the development of health education actions, promoting hygiene habits in school and with the whole community.

The annual shares are:

  • Deworming of students.
  • First aid kit.
  • Campaigns against malnutrition.
  • Prevention of malaria through mosquito nets.
  • Provision of hygiene material and infrastructure.
  • Health education for teachers, students and community.


Support for women artisans


Primary school and master’s school for Masais children