Glamping is a fusion between the words glamor and camping. It consists of enjoying the freedom that a tent provides in the middle of nature without having to give up the comforts and attractions of the most sophisticated accommodations.

Glamping_elefantesBut for us the term “glamping” goes much further. The facilities of our Masai Camp, in addition to offering you all the comfort and well-being that a five-star hotel can provide you, is located in the middle of nature, which gives you direct contact with the environment.

Located within the Maasai Mara Natural Reserve, our glamping accommodation offers you an exceptional opportunity to enjoy the pure and pollution-free air of the African savannah, with all the privacy and comfort elements, such as a double bed, private bathroom , hot water, solar energy lighting, exclusive services and a relaxation area to appreciate the nature that surrounds you, which will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Not everything that is understood by luxury has to have a materialistic connotation. For us, luxury is living a unique, vital and introspective experience, an experience that will help us reconnect with our most intimate self, with our mother nature and with the values ​​that define us as a human being and that, unfortunately, we are losing along our path in life, many times, due to the rhythm that they impose on us or we impose ourselves.

Attention for the traveler, comfort and luxury treatment.Baño ADCAM

Our Masai warriors, fully professionalized, are continuously attentive to the comfort of our travelers and to offer them careful attention, taking care of even the smallest detail. And, of course, they love surprises, since the same they prepare a breakfast next to the Mara River, without your knowing it, they have some tents to spend the night in order to see the sunrise next to the river and observe the the different animals that pass through there, such as hippos, in their most natural environment.

We also have a new space that is very spacious, that has great detail and that is fully integrated into the savannah, so integrated that, in its private bathroom, the shower offers you impressive views of the mountain.


Glamping gastronomía ADCAMIn addition, our continental cuisine service, run by our chef Daniel and María (masai from the manyatta), offers various food options for all tastes, such as Mediterranean or vegan diets, etc …

Cultural exchange.

A real life lesson is what we learn from the Masai people, a community that is guided by such fundamental values as solidarity, acceptance and a genuine respect for the environment.

Glamping atención al viajero

Our trip gives you a series of motivating experiences that are a luxury for our senses as it is, direct contact with the Masai warriors and their women, the transmission of their values, their culture, the closeness and learning from the Masai children, always grateful and smiling, the animals free in their natural habitat, the sunrises and sunsets in the middle of the savannah, an endless number of sensations that you can only experience and understand while there.

We propose you:

Live a different New Year’s Eve in the Masai Mara.

With this trip you will be able to discover a new way of doing tourism in a privileged place on the planet, both for its flora and for its wild fauna, being able to enter the African savannah in the hands of authentic Masai warriors.

Glamping paseo sabana

Our eco-lodge, ADCAM Mara Vision Camp, is a place to go to relax, live with the Masai people and enjoy nature in a unique environment. Their surveillance and service is 24 hours a day and, at dusk, magical moments are experienced around the fire, thanks to the dances and stories that the Masai warriors like to share.

In addition, through this trip you favor the sustainability of the project Comprehensive Support to the Masai Community, declared in danger of extinction by the UN.

Nuevo espacio ADCAM


  • Celebration of New Year’s Eve and entry into the new year in the middle of the savannah and around the Masai fire.
  • Safaris guided by authentic Masai warriors.
  • Meditation walk from the Camp to the savannah to see the sunrise.
  • Cocktail in the savannah at sunset.
  • Masai dance night.
  • Visit to the Manyatta (Masai village).
  • Night camping next to the Mara River, watching the exit of the hippos and breakfast on the banks of the river.
  • Safaris through the savannah, learning about animals and medicinal plants in the area.
  • Visit to the school and cooperative of artisan women of the ADCAM project.
  • Glamping Safari


  • Visit the rhinos.
  • Safari and lunch in the savannah surrounded by nature.


Of course, we are convinced that there is no greater luxury than having a unique and supportive experience, and more so in these times. And what do you think? You dare?