We are a non-profit Association of Development, Alternative Trade and Microcredit at an international level and this is our project:
William Kikanae Ole Pere
In addition to being a Maasai warrior, William Kikanae Ole Pere is the leader of his community and ADCAM director in Kenya.
His career since childhood made him understand that he had been born to fulfill a great dream: to help his people and preserve the Masai culture, adapting to the new times.
A fervent women defender, he began his work to improve his community through various intervention lines: Women, Education and Preventive Health.
This project is the fruit of successfully mixing good doses of sacrifice, commitment, passion, responsibility and affection. Proof of this is the privilege of being able to have ambassadors as valued and recognized as they are;

Bisila Bokoko

She is a businesswoman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. She is considered one of the most influential women in the business world in America, although she has several international anivel projects.

Jonathan and Angie Scott

They are a couple of recognized and internationally awarded wildlife photographers, who are based in Kenya who feature countless series and documentaries.

Olivia Palermo

Actress, model, socialite, entrepreneur and international reference in the world of fashion. Known for her influence on New York high society and for being one of the most famous it-girls worldwide.

Do you know our solidarity shops?

In them you can find original Masai handicrafts, textile gifts and solidarity actions with which you will help the community and especially the children. They may seem like small gestures but we assure you that your help has a big impact on our community.

Maasai handicrafts


Solidarity actions
A life-changing tourist experience
Solidarity camp
Maasai Mara
In order to contribute to the sustainability of the project, ADCAM has created a tourist accommodation in the heart of Maasai Mara, where Maasai warriors introduce visitors to their customs, landscapes and lifestyle.
Safaris, activities and more
Safaris guided by the Maasai warriors to get to know very closely the wildlife, activities of all kinds in the middle of the African savannah and in full contact with the Masai tribe, learning from them their inner well-being and their respect for nature.
Camp without giving up anything
An eco lodge run by the masais themselves that offers all the guarantees, security, amenities and services with all luxury of detail, achieving unique and very pleasant stays for all the senses.
Unique themed experiences
A tourist accommodation in the heart of Maasai Mara, where The Maasai warriors introduce visitors to their customs, their landscapes and their lifestyle. An exceptional opportunity to get to know Kenya deeply from a nature reserve located in southwestern Kenya with spectacular wildlife.
Hand in hand with Masais warriors
Always accompanied by the Masai community, enjoying at all times its close and warm treatment. A real human exchange with this tribe, from which we have much to learn.

This mindful safari trip to the Maasai Mara with ADCAM has been forever etched in my memory but above all, in my heart. A different and unique experience in a privileged place and with a group of wonderful people who exceeded all the expectations that I had! A trip that should be obligatory to feel that, in the savannah of the masais, it takes very little to be happy. Thankful to everyone who made it possible.

Graciela Gómez, Don Benito-Badajoz)

This journey with the Masasa has been one of the best experiences of my life. And both the people I met as well as the landscapes will be etched in me throughout my life. This state of deep connection with nature, with others and with myself has been unforgettable and has changed me forever.

Asma Ahchouch, Alicante

One of the most impressive experiences of my life. The mixture between wilder nature and self-contact was brutal. Get to know Africa in the most authentic way possible. 'll.

Javier Jimenez, Alicante

I travelled to Kenya in 2018 to Maasai Mara It has far exceeded what I expected!! Phew!! What a hell of a thrill!!! Thanks to ADCAM, Rosa Escandell, William Kikanae and Carlos Mateo for this unforgettable experience with wonderful people. 'll!!.

Maria José García, Alicante

A deeply restorative and very human experience. A deeply joyful experience

Esperanza Navarro, Elche

You come with expectations, but it's so much more than anything you can imagine. There is light, there is love surrounding all activity that is done. No words. The journey on a human level is impressive. I'm going to be loaded with a lot of good things. Indescribable

Iciar Santa Olalla, Madrid

A magical experience. Mindfulness and yoga classes have transported me and helped me heal. I leave with a lot of peace and very grateful

Esther Castellano, Mallorca

A perfect fusion of self-encounter and encounter with nature. Eternally grateful

Nuria Castaño, Madrid
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